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Ridlon has completed several commemorative assemblages for major organizations including: ABC: “25 Years of Wide World Of Sports,”  and “25 Years of Monday Night Football,” Walt Disney Corporation: “25 Years Of Disneyland,” Home Sports Entertainment: “10th Anniversary of Sports,” and Syracuse University: “A 100-Year History of Syracuse Football.” Most of these assemblages were made into posters generating revenue for the project.

Ridlon has  also created many trophies including: “The Bert Bell Memorial Trophy,”  presented to the player of the year in the NFL, “The Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy,” awarded  to the winner of the Syracuse University versus West Virginia University football game, and “The Outland Trophy” presented annually to college football’s best interior lineman. Additionally, Ridlon has created assemblages to recognize retiring executives and other momentous events.

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Olympic Commission

Olympic Commission

This piece was commissioned by a private individual to honor the 1980 men's Olympic hockey team and their triumph over Russia.

Wide World of Sports

Wide World of Sports

This 8' x 12' assemblage was commissioned by ABC to commemorate 25 years of the television show, "Wide World of Sports." The piece is comprised of memorabilia relating to events that were broadcast by the show during those 25 years.


ABC Monday Night Football

This assemblage, measuring 8' x 12,' was commissioned by ABC to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Football. The piece is comprised of objects relating to some aspect of the weekly broadcast from its 25 year history.

Ben Schwartzwalder

Ben SchwartzwalderTrophy

This bronze trophy, commissioned by Syracuse University, is awarded to the winner of the SU versus West Virginia University football game. Schwartzwalder was a graduate of WVU and coached at SU.

Outland Trophy

Outland Trophy

This trophy was commissioned by the Football Writers Association of America and is presented annually to the outstanding college interior lineman.

100 History SUF

100 Year History of Syracuse University Football

This 6' x 12' assemblage was commissioned by Syracuse University to honor the 100th anniversary of the school's football program. It is comprised of hundreds of pieces of memorabilia representing SU football over the 100 year period.


Disney - 35th Anniversary Assemblage

This large-scale, 8' x 12,' assemblage was commissioned by the Walt Disney Co. to recognize the 35th anniversary of the California-based theme park. It is comprised of thousands of pieces of Disney memorabilia and is installed at the entrance to the Disney Hotel in Anaheim, California.

25th AUSSA

25th Anniversary United States Sports Academy

This is a photo collage honoring the 25th anniversary of the United States Sports Academy. The images comprising the piece are of faculty, honorees, special guests, and other important individuals who have played a role in the organization's success.


Home Sports Entertainment

This large-scale assemblage is comprised of six 6' x 4' panels that represent the ten-year history of HSE cable network. Each panel is comprised of memorabilia from HSE's 10-year broadcast history.


Marine Midland Bank

This assemblage was commissioned by Marine Midland Bank in Syracuse, NY to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bank's inception.

Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason Assemblage

This piece was commissioned by the PGA in honor of Jackie Gleason's contributions to the game of golf.

Miami CP

Miami Community Pillars

This is an award made by the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners to community members who have made significant contributions to the greater Miami community.